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Original scientific paper

Glagolitic passions of st. Lawrence

Vesna Badurina Stipčević   ORCID icon ; Old Church Slavonic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia

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Badurina Stipčević, V. (2017). Glagoljski tekstovi Pasije svetoga Lovrenca. Croatica, 41 (61), 9-24. Retrieved from
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Badurina Stipčević, Vesna. "Glagoljski tekstovi Pasije svetoga Lovrenca." Croatica 41, no. 61 (2017): 9-24.
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V. Badurina Stipčević, "Glagoljski tekstovi Pasije svetoga Lovrenca", Croatica, vol.41, no. 61, pp. 9-24, 2017. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 14 October 2019]

Dissemination of the early Christian cult of St. Lawrence is evident in various Latin hagiographies, many of which were well known among the Croats. The old Croatian literature incorporates the Representation of the Life of St. Lawrence Martyr. Croatian Glagolitic literature encompasses eighteen short breviary Passions, while the longer one - The Life of St. Lawrence - is included in the Petris Miscellany (1468). This paper identifies the Latin sources of the Croatian Glagolitic texts. Furthermore, it incorporates the Latin-script transliteration of the unpublished Croatian Glagolitic Passions from the II Novi Breviary (1495) and the Petris Miscellany

hagiography; passion; St. Lawrence; Croatian Glagolitic literature; II Novi Breviary; Petris Miscellany

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