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Giftedness and gift of life

Elvis Ražov ; Teološko-katehetski odjel Sveučilište u Zadru
Antonia Miočić ; Teološko-katehetski odjel Sveučilište u Zadru

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The absolute prerequisite of every talent is life itself. The question is how to understand the human life and its origin and the consequences of such an understanding of human life on the reality of talent, its acceptance and realization. The emergence of life can be generally understood in three ways: 1) as a result of a random evolutionary process without any goal and purpose, 2) as a result of its own self-creation (sui generis) and 3) as a result of the intention of an intelligent being which out of the abundance of his life by love gives himself to his creature so that it can attain full, meaningful and happy life. The second possibility we must reject as unrealistic, and the third one we select as the one that provides the best implementation of certain above-average abilities. Jesus' parable of the talents imposes an obligation to the bestowed ones to fully utilize their talents to the size of the gift received. Bury the talent on the country does not show respect to the giver and does not achieve full potential of the bestowed. Paul's speech on the charisma reveals the meaning of the gift as a service to the good of others and the community as a whole, not only personal realization. If the man is of himself or if he is a product of chance he has no responsibility for his talents, no obligations, no duties because he can do whatever he wishes with his talents even to their destruction. Life as a gift and the realization of life through giving has its fundamental basis in God who is Trinitarian relationship of love, giving and communion. (caritas, donum et communio).

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life; talent; charisma; responsibility; realization; Jesus

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