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Pediatric Obesity

Nataša Rojnić Putarek

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Pediatric and adolescent obesity is becoming a serious public health concern and is threatening both the adult health and longevity. Obesity is a result of chronic caloric imbalance in which daily caloric intake is greater than its consumption. Genetic susceptibility, permissive environment, metabolic features, habits, and cultural and socioeconomic factors play a crucial role in the development of obesity. Endocrine etiologies of obesity are rare and usually accompanied by attenuated growth patterns. Genetic screening for rare syndromes is indicated only in the presence of specific historical or physical features. Obesity-related complications start in childhood, so screening for early identification should be carried out for the purpose of preventing serious consequences from ensuing. Obesity affects the quality of life and psychosocial development which makes individual and family screening for mental health issues, as well as counselling an indispensable part of prevention and treatment. Thus multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of childhood obesity should include diet, physical activity and behavioural therapy, and is most effective if the whole family is included. The prevention of pediatric obesity by promoting healthy diet and physical activity, as well as lifestyle modifications, should be essential in preventing the epidemic of obesity.

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children and adolescents; obesity; complications; epidemic

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