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Časopis za suvremenu povijest, Vol.39 No.3 Siječanj 2008.

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The Bjelovar uprising of 7-10 April 1941

Zdravko Dizdar

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Dizdar, Z. (2007). Bjelovarski ustanak od 7. do 10. travnja 1941.. Časopis za suvremenu povijest, 39(3), 581-609. Preuzeto s

The author discusses political conditions in the Bjelovar region immediately before and at the beginning of the Second World War, and following that, the uprising of Croatian soldiers of the 108 Regiment of the Royal Yugoslav Army on the evening of 7th and 8th April, 1941, in Veliki Grđevac by Grubišno Polje. It continues on with a discussion of the spread of the uprising and its growth into a general insurrection, which led to the taking over of Bjelovar by the insurgents on 8 April, their assumption of local power and their proclamation of a Croatian state, until the arrival of the Germans in the city two days later. The work also talks about the war crime perpetrated against Croatian civilians in Donjima Mostima which was committed by Chetniks and the Yugoslav army on 10 April.

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Bjelovar; April War 1941; Ustaše; Independent State of Croatia

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