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Perspective of connecting big caves on Crnopac

Teo Barišić ; Speleological Department CMS Sv. Mihovil, Šibenik, Croatia

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T. Barišić, "Perspektive spajanja velikih jama Crnopca", Speleolog, vol.65, br. 1, str. 26-31, 2017. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 22.09.2021.]

Along with exploration of the cave system Kita Gaćešina – Draženova puhaljka (KG-DP), speleologists explored the surface terrain above it, discovering a few caves with high air circulation and possibilities of joining with the system. Since the beginning of exploration in 2004, the second entrance through cave Draženova puhaljka was discovered in 2009, thus giving the system it’s current name and status. New passages in Muda labudova discovered in 2016 and 2017 increase the total length of that cave on 4676 m, with one of the passages coming as near as 30 m towards KG-DP. In 2017. another cave Oaza (376 m deep, 748 m long) was explored geometrically almost between these two capital objects. After many demanding broadenings of narrow passages in Muda labudova, focus in KG-DP was shifted towards the parts perspective to join either Muda labudova or Oaza. Potential joining of the three caves would produce a system longer than 40 km, and almost 800m deep.

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Kita Gaćešina-Draženova puhaljka; Muda labudova; Oaza; Crnopac

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