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Review article

Colorectal Cancer

Anton Roth
Andrej Roth

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Colorectal cancer is one of the leading
health problems in the world, particularly in the highly developed
countries. In our country it is on the second place
among malignant diseases, in men after lung carcinoma, and
in women after breast carcinoma. According to the latest data
of the Republic Register of Cancer for the year 1998, in Croatia
was a total number of 2238 patients (1227 men and 1011
women). The incidence of the disease is doubling every ten
years after the age of forty. The treatment of the colorectal
cancer is multidisciplinary, meaning that in a large number of
patients two or three ways of treatment are being applied, i.e.
most frequently after surgical treatment follows chemotherapy
or a combination of chemotherapy and radiation.

carcinoma; colon; chemotherapy; radiation

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