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Stylistics of the Speaker and Hearer

Marina Katnić-Bakaršić   ORCID icon ; Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The paper presents an intertextual dialogue with Ivo Pranjković’s text Gramatika govornika i sugovornika (Grammar of the speaker and hearer). Some issues that are crucial for stylistics of the speaker and hearer are addressed in this paper: the role of deixis, stylistic use of personal pronouns and their role from the perspective of critical stylistics, transpositions of person and their potential figurative use, presenting speech of the others, the issue of the addressee of a literary text and especially stylistic investigations of a dramatic dialogue. It has been shown that grammatical categories related to the speaker and hearer have important stylistic potential due to deixis and are unavoidable in different contemporary stylistic approaches.

Ključne riječi
deixis; speaker; hearer; stylistics; personal pronouns

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