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Nature, Man and Tongue in Cheek


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APA 6th Edition
STARC, N. (2003). PRIRODA, ČOVJEK I FIGA U DŽEPU. Društvena istraživanja, 12 (3-4 (65-66)), 335-359. Preuzeto s
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STARC N. PRIRODA, ČOVJEK I FIGA U DŽEPU. Društvena istraživanja [Internet]. 2003 [pristupljeno 06.05.2021.];12(3-4 (65-66)):335-359. Dostupno na:
N. STARC, "PRIRODA, ČOVJEK I FIGA U DŽEPU", Društvena istraživanja, vol.12, br. 3-4 (65-66), str. 335-359, 2003. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 06.05.2021.]

The debate on sustainable development has reached the point
when it has almost been forgotten how intertwined its environmental,
social, technological and economic aspects are. The
article therefore first analyses the disharmony of natural ecosystems
and human activities, and then the most well known proposals
for their synchronisation. Internal inconsistency of the sustainable
development model has been shown and the debate
following it for fifteen years described. Specially analysed is the
development of the disciplines environmental and resource economics.
The hypocrisy of some proponents of theoretical and
practical solutions as well as the enterprising spirit and uncompromising
quality of others has been detected. In continuation the
author discusses insularisation as a way of protecting Nature and
a model of promoting sustainable development. It is demonstrated
that the establishment of insulas of sustainable development
is implied by the European Union methodology used for
the creation and implementation of developmental programmes
both on local and regional levels. The most comprehensive Croatian
example of these attempts is the implementation of the National
Programme for Island Development and the Law on Islands.

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