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Drug Abuse and Involvement in Criminal Behaviour

Jandre ŠARIĆ

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APA 6th Edition
ŠARIĆ, J., SAKOMAN, S. i ZDUNIĆ, D. (2002). ZLOUPORABA DROGA I UKLJUČENOST U KRIMINALNO PONAŠANJE. Društvena istraživanja, 11 (2-3 (58-59)), 353-377. Preuzeto s
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The aim of the research was to determine the relationship
between the abuse of drugs and involvement in criminal
behaviour. The research was conducted on 1102 persons
who registered for treatment for the first time at the Centre
for Outpatient Treatment of Addictions in the Sisters of Mercy
University Hospital. A questionnaire in the form of an
interview was applied with the basic information on the
addicts in the treatment programme including data on drug abuse, criminal behaviour and sociodemographic
characteristics of the examinees and their families. The
results were separately analysed for the men and women
examinees. In the sample of men statistically significant
differences were obtained with regard to drug abuse and
involvement in criminal behaviour: more persons commit
their first criminal act after having started taking drugs;
examinees consuming heavier drugs (opiates and stimulants)
commit more serious criminal acts, while persons consuming
drugs for longer periods of time commit more serious
criminal acts and more often engage in criminal activity. In
women examinees significant differences regarding drug
abuse and involvement in criminal behaviour were not
obtained. Stepwise regression analysis uncovered six
important predictors of criminal behaviour in men: the
examinee's level of education, length of drug consumption,
family's financial status, consumption of light or heavy drugs,
examinee's age and mother's level of education. None of the
variables proved statistically significant in explaining the
criminal behaviour of women. The results of research
contribute to the understanding of the relationship between
criminal behaviour and drug abuse and can be of assistance
in creating and implementing the programme for the
prevention of drug addiction and criminal activity.

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