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Bone Tumours

Dubravko Orlić
Miroslav Smerdelj
Robert Koluđić

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APA 6th Edition
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Chicago 17th Edition
Orlić, Dubravko, Miroslav Smerdelj i Robert Koluđić. "Tumori koštanog sustava." Medicus 10, br. 2_Maligni tumori (2001): 225-236.
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Orlić D, Smerdelj M, Koluđić R. Tumori koštanog sustava. Medicus [Internet]. 2001 [pristupljeno 25.02.2021.];10(2_Maligni tumori):225-236. Dostupno na:
D. Orlić, M. Smerdelj i R. Koluđić, "Tumori koštanog sustava", Medicus, vol.10, br. 2_Maligni tumori, str. 225-236, 2001. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 25.02.2021.]

Bone tumours represent an interesting problem
in contemporary oncology. Treatment of primary and secondary
bone and joints tumours has significantly changed for
the last 25 years. Increase in the survival of treated patients
from previously 20% to presently 75% is promising. There is a
number of different operative procedures in the patients with
bone and joints tumours. In regard to the longer survival of
treated patients, especially due to useful adjuvant treatment,
about 85 % of patients are treated with limb salvage surgery.
Limb salvage surgery is a surgical resection of the tumour
including surrounding healthy tissue and with salvage of the
extremity. Better and more successful procedures are
expected in the future with the aid of new basic investigations,
biotechnology and scientific achievements.

Ključne riječi
bone tumours; limb salvage surgery; reconstruction of bone and joints

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