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Doctor, Patient and Carcinoma

Maja Kurent

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APA 6th Edition
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The diagnosis of carcinoma, even today,
regardless of successes that medicine has achieved in this
field, is frightening. Some exceptional life events usually
make us more susceptible and open to introspection, and
this diagnosis is for the majority of us one of such situations.
In this time, when technical and social factors influence
the field of medicine, one element should never be lost
- the relation which a doctor or any other health worker creates
with those they are taking care of. Through the relationship
doctor/patient flows communication, both verbal and
nonverbal, including emotions of both partners in combination.
This relationship in an important therapeutic device,
although in official medicine it is still relatively little acknowledged.
Here it should not be forgotten that simple communicational
skills, although very valuable in communication with
the majority of patients, will not be enough in encountering a
patient suffering from some malignant illness.

Ključne riječi
diagnosis of carcinoma; relationship doctor/ patient; introspection

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