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Građevinar, Vol.59 No.12. January 2008.

Preliminary communication

Comparison of results obtained by physical and numerical in-plane flow models

Goran Lončar
Vladimir Andročec
Goran Gjetvaj

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Lončar, G., Andročec, V., Gjetvaj, G. (2007). Usporedba rezultata fizikalnog i numeričkih ravninskih modela tečenja. Građevinar, 59(12.), 1067-1072. Retrieved from

The comparison of calculated and measured field flow velocities at the flow steadying and sea discharge section, for the zone of the source cave and lake, is presented in the scope of design solution development for the Ombla hydropower plant. Velocity results obtained by physical model measurements and in-plane model analyses are compared. Two numerical models, based on the finite difference and volume methods, are used. Numerical results are compared with results obtained by physical model measurements.

in-plane flow models; physical model; numerical model; Ombla HEPP; comparison of results

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