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Explorations in cave Muda labudova 2018

Stipe Maleš ; Speleological department CMS Željezničar, Zagreb, Croatia

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After the 2017 - camp and explorations around the first bivouac around -300m depth, it was decided to focus this year's explorations on -500 m depth, close to the 2nd bivouac. The primary goal from the last year was joining cave system Kita Gaćešina-Draženova puhaljka, but after the discovery of vast horizontal passages on the bottom of Drž' gaće vertical, topo survey of these new channels became priority. Also, in the vertical shaft Pakao, a new shaft was discovered, with 90m drop followed by horizontal sections. This prompted mapping and further surveying in this part of the pit. These two new parts (Avangarda and Metastaze) of cave were followed as far as possible, till the end of camping period. Each new shaft left unsurveyed perspectives ("question marks"), both in the two chosen sections and in previously known parts. In total, 1679m of cave was topographically mapped, with the total lenght of Muda labudova increased to 6355m.

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summer camp; new horizontal passages; Avangarda; Metastaze

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