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Društvena istraživanja : journal for general social issues, Vol.9 No.2-3 (46-47) June 2000.

Preliminary communication

Gypsies in Croatia in the Nineties


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Research on the social and developmental position of Gypsies in
Croatia was carried out in 1998 in five Croatian settlements. It is
interesting that the initial incentive was given by the Gypsies,
with the aim ot opening up the debate on issues burdening the
Gypsy national community in Croatia both scientifically and professionally
and based on more detailed data. The project included
only sedentary Gypsies and the research was conducted in
settlements with a greater concentration of members of this
population. In the selection of settlements several criteria were
observed: Gypsy groups settled in urban and rural settlements
were included, then “autochthonous” and recently settled
groups, and finally groups belonging to different religious
confessions. In discussion with the heads of families data were
gathered about all the members of the Gypsy family, the living
standard and household equipment, material status and income
resources. Also, the heads of houses would share opinions on
the problems of the settlement as well as the social position and
Gypsy issues. Most of the data gathered are interpreted in the
article. The research has, apart from an objective insight into the
life and problems of sedentary Gypsies, also indicated their wish
to participate, more efficiently and in greater numbers, in
attempts at finding solutions to fundamental life issues.

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