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Danica Pinterović and Josip Leović

Daniel Zec ; Muzej likovnih umjetnosti, Osijek

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Zec, D. (2018). Danica Pinterović i Josip Leović. Osječki zbornik, Vol. 34 (xx), 107-113. Preuzeto s
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Zec, Daniel. "Danica Pinterović i Josip Leović." Osječki zbornik, vol. Vol. 34, br. xx, 2018, str. 107-113. Citirano 27.07.2021.
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Zec D. Danica Pinterović i Josip Leović. Osječki zbornik [Internet]. 2018 [pristupljeno 27.07.2021.];Vol. 34(xx):107-113. Dostupno na:
D. Zec, "Danica Pinterović i Josip Leović", Osječki zbornik, vol.Vol. 34, br. xx, str. 107-113, 2018. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 27.07.2021.]

The paper presents various forms of cooperation and professional work of Danica Pinterović related to Osijek artist and restorer Josip Leović. This cooperation existed primarily in the period of Leović’s work at the Museum of Slavonia from 1947 to 1963 and included the museum and professional-publicist work of Danica Pinterović. Even though we have to take into account Danica Pinterović’s published texts about Josip Leović, the primary interest of this study are the unpublished and the unknown records by Danica Pinterović, those from her work diaries, which are today seen as archival material and have its signifi cance. The Work Diary, kept by Danica Pinterović who took note of everyday work and work tasks of all Museum employees, is in a sense also a diary of Josip Leović’s work. Thus, it is an important resource for Leović’s work biography, but also for the history of restoration works performed by Josip Leović on certain artwork displayed in the Museum of Slavonia and Museum of Fine Arts. Using the information from the Work Diaries by Danica Pinterović, the author chronologically lists and cites the records of Leović’s museum activities, as recorded by the diary writer.
The first significant expert contributions about the life and work of Josip Leović, important to become familiarized with artist’s biography and his opus, were presented by Danica Pinterović. She was the one who actually introduces Josip Leović in professional literature and thus established later historical and artistic considerations of Leović’s opus. She wrote and published several professional articles on Leović’s artistic and restorative work, including a summarized biography. She also wrote about one of Leović’s biggest exhibitions for daily newspaper and, in the end, wrote an expert review of Leović’s opus on the occasion of his death.

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