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Seroprevalence of leptospirosis in cattle in the Republic of Croatia

Maja Zdelar-Tuk ; Hrvatski veterinarski institut Zagreb, Hrvatska
Silvio Špičić ; Hrvatski veterinarski institut Zagreb, Hrvatska
Sanja Duvnjak ; Hrvatski veterinarski institut Zagreb, Hrvatska
Irena Reil ; Hrvatski veterinarski institut Zagreb, Hrvatska
Marija Cvetnić ; Hrvatska
Željko Cvetnić ; Hrvatski veterinarski institut Zagreb, Hrvatska

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APA 6th Edition
Zdelar-Tuk, M., Špičić, S., Duvnjak, S., Reil, I., Cvetnić, M. i Cvetnić, Ž. (2017). Seroprevalencija leptospiroze goveda u Republici Hrvatskoj. Veterinarska stanica, 48 (3), 169-175. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Zdelar-Tuk, Maja, et al. "Seroprevalencija leptospiroze goveda u Republici Hrvatskoj." Veterinarska stanica, vol. 48, br. 3, 2017, str. 169-175. Citirano 23.06.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Zdelar-Tuk, Maja, Silvio Špičić, Sanja Duvnjak, Irena Reil, Marija Cvetnić i Željko Cvetnić. "Seroprevalencija leptospiroze goveda u Republici Hrvatskoj." Veterinarska stanica 48, br. 3 (2017): 169-175.
Zdelar-Tuk, M., et al. (2017). 'Seroprevalencija leptospiroze goveda u Republici Hrvatskoj', Veterinarska stanica, 48(3), str. 169-175. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 23.06.2021.)
Zdelar-Tuk M, Špičić S, Duvnjak S, Reil I, Cvetnić M, Cvetnić Ž. Seroprevalencija leptospiroze goveda u Republici Hrvatskoj. Veterinarska stanica [Internet]. 2017 [pristupljeno 23.06.2021.];48(3):169-175. Dostupno na:
M. Zdelar-Tuk, S. Špičić, S. Duvnjak, I. Reil, M. Cvetnić i Ž. Cvetnić, "Seroprevalencija leptospiroze goveda u Republici Hrvatskoj", Veterinarska stanica, vol.48, br. 3, str. 169-175, 2017. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 23.06.2021.]

Bovine leptospirosis occurs throughout the world, though it is most common in warm climates. This is an economically significant disease that results in abortions, stillbirths and losses in milk production. Therefore, the implementation of surveillance and control measures is particularly important for the suppression of this important zoonosis. According to annual orders issued by the Ministry of Agriculture for 2015 and 2016, all cases of abortion in cattle must be reported and the blood of each animal tested serologically for leptospirosis. Pursuant to the Croatian legislation, serological blood tests are also performed twice following treatment, at intervals of 21 days. In 2015, 1 617 cattle blood samples were tested, with 349 positive reactions, while in 2016, 1 265 cattle blood samples were tested with 192 positive reactions. All sera were tested by the microscopic agglutination test (MAT) for the presence of 12 leptospiral antigens. An initial seral dilution of 1:100 was considered the cut-off point for a positive reaction. During 2015, the highest prevalence was found in the following counties: Sisak-Moslavina 88 (53.7%), Bjelovar-Bilogora 47 (13.5%), Zagreb
39 (16.9%) and Lika-Senj 35 (46.1%). In 2016, the highest prevalence was reported in the counties: Osijek-Baranja 39 (30.5%), Bjelovar- Bilogora 36 (17.4%), Vukovar-Srijem 31 (27.4%) and Zagreb 27 (16.4%). Positive reactions for leptospirosis during 2015 and 2016 were not found in the counties: Istria, Primorje- Gorski Kotar, Zadar, Šibenik-Knin, Split- Dalmatia, Dubrovnik-Neretva or Međimurje. The most frequent serovars in cattle in 2015 and 2016 were sv. Saxkoebing (18.4%), sv. Sejroe (17.8%), sv. Hardjo (15.5%), and sv. Hardjobovis (15.3%). The results indicate that cattle in continental Croatia are more exposed to leptospiral infection than animals from coastal counties, due to natural foci of this disease (Lonjsko Polje and Kopački Rit wetlands) and the holding of cattle, pigs and horses together. In order to control the spread of the disease within and among holdings, it is necessary to continue to disease control measures, to treat holdings with the aim of reducing the carrier state and availability, and to alter management practices to minimise the possibility of re-infection.

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seroprevalence; leptosirosis; cattle; Croatia

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