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Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences, Vol.31 No.2 Prosinac 2007.

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Goran Klepac ; Raiffeisen bank, Zagreb, Croatia

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Klepac, G. (2007). TIME SERIES ANALYSIS USING A UNIQUE MODEL OF TRANSFORMATION. Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences, 31(2), 1-13. Preuzeto s

REFII1 model is an authorial mathematical model for time series data mining. The main purpose of that model is to automate time series analysis, through a unique transformation model of time series. An advantage of this approach of time series analysis is the linkage of different methods for time series analysis, linking traditional data mining tools in time series, and constructing new algorithms for analyzing time series. It is worth mentioning that REFII model is not a closed system, which means that we have a finite set of methods. At first, this is a model for transformation of values of time series, which prepares data used by different sets of methods based on the same model of transformation in a domain of problem space. REFII model gives a new approach in time series analysis based on a unique model of transformation, which is a base for all kind of time series analysis. The advantage of REFII model is its possible application in many different areas such as finance, medicine, voice recognition, face recognition and text mining.

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time series; data mining; transformation model; automated series data preparation and data preparation

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