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Towards Contextual Prophetic Preaching

Filip Grujić ; Baptistička crkva, Zagreb

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F. Grujić, "Towards Contextual Prophetic Preaching", Kairos, vol.14, br. 1, str. 73-84, 2020. [Online].

This text is a discussion about prophetic preaching as defined in the boundaries of homiletics. It offers both a theological and practical presentation of this preaching style actively seeking a way to contextualize it in Croatian setting. It offers some answers to the question: What is prophetic preaching and how and why it is done? It also serves as a challenge and the beginning of the discussion on prophetic preaching in Croatian context. As the Church in a growing post-Christian setting seeks ways to communicate the Gospel with the wider society aware that it is slowly losing its privileged footing it seems important to find again the prophetic voice which calls people and institutions of power to get right with God and see human beings as neighbors and not means.

Ključne riječi
Prophetic preaching; Homiletics; Social justice; Powers and Principalities; Church; Mission; Righteousness

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