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Professional paper

Librarian and career

Ivana Ivančić Medved ; Srednjoškolski đački dom Osijek

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A career, popularly called curriculum vitae, is an integral part of the life of every individual who sees his life as an opportunity and space for self-actualization. A career is a term which refers to business life. A career is conditioned by one’s own efforts, learning, constant effort to acquire the better and more needed knowledge and skills necessary to perform the job. These capabilities and skills are called competencies and in recent years they have often been reified in librarianship and they serve to librarians as a reminder and a guideline in what to do, which direction to take, and how to develop into an expert. Librarians in Croatia have the option of professional and academic advancement, so that librarianship as a profession allows librarians career achievement.

career, librarian, self-actualization, modernization theory, competence, advancement

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