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Women in forestry in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amina Mašić   ORCID icon ; Šumarski fakultet Sarajevo, studentica

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In most European countries, there is no current knowledge of the representation and role of women in forestry. According to a study by Lewis (2005), conducted in the US, results in 1981 were 17.5% in technical work and 31.8% in administration, 1991 data indicate that 33.5% in the technical sector and 32.7% in the administration. First degree to a female at the UNSA was awarded back in 1955, while two other females graduated year leter. In 1957 total five females gratuted form the University of Sarajevo. The poll was implemented to understand how many women were part of the Forestry Department and their reasons for choosing forestry as a profession. The sample consisted of 78 respondents, who are employed by the following companies: The Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Bosnia and Herzegovina forests, Central Bosnia Forests LLC Donji Vakuf, Una Sana Forests LLC Bosanska Krupa, Zenica-Doboj Forests LLC Zavidovici, KJP Sarajevo-Forests LLC Sarajevo, Forests of the Republic of Serbian LLC Sokolac. There are 83 full-time employed women with degrees from the Faculty of Forestry in the Federation of BiH and 151 in the Republic of Serbian. Only SBK women are employed by HSE – III forestry profession, indicating that there is no interest in doing this job. 19 women out of the total number of 78 respondents have completed agricultural or forestry education, which is only one quartercomparing with the number of women who have completed some other secondary school. This indicates that forestry as a profession is more attractive to women who have graduated from other high schools, e.g. liberal arts schools or other technical schools. Since 1981, forestry has become more intense for women, out of 522 graduates, 142 are women. In the Federation, nine women hold leadership positions, in the Republic of Serbian 21.

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women; forestry; motivation; economy; education

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