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Freedom and Globalisation

Vladimir Gligorov ; Wiener Institut fuer internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche, Wien, Austria

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V. Gligorov, "Freedom and Globalisation", Politička misao, vol.39, br. 5, str. 58-75, 2002. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 27.01.2020.]

Today liberalism (or neoliberalism) is blamed for the growing inequality and poverty in the world as well as for ideological fundamentalism. Since such discussions are wide-ranging, held at universities and in political bodies, the author makes a distinction between liberalism as political philosophy and liberal – or as is now often called neoliberal – practical politics. According to him, liberty and globalisation do not necessarily provide the best solutions without proper legal foundations, and it is difficult to legally lay them without a democratic procedure of decision-making. Since an international legal system and international democracy will likely not happen in the near future, the choices facing the developed and undeveloped countries are not easy at all. Although liberalization is undoubtedly the only path to freedom, some of the neoliberal ideas have not proved appropriate and feasible. This is not the reason, however, to reject liberalism. On the contrary, this is the reason to continue efforts to bring down the walls dividing people and peoples.

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globalisation; freedom; justice; liberalism; liberalisation; neoliberalism

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