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Dynamic Analysis of Rockets Launcher

Dragoljub Vujic*   ORCID icon ; Military Technical Institute, 1 Ratka Resanovica Str., 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Vlado Djurkovic ; University of Defence, Military Academy, 33 Pavla Jurisica Sturma Str., 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Nikola Milenkovic ; School of management and economic studies, 52 Karadjordjeva Str., 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia
Slavisa Trajkovic ; Faculty of Economics, University of Pristina, 156Kolasinska Str., 38220 Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia

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APA 6th Edition
Vujic*, D., Djurkovic, V., Milenkovic, N. i Trajkovic, S. (2021). Dynamic Analysis of Rockets Launcher. Tehnički vjesnik, 28 (2), 530-539.
MLA 8th Edition
Vujic*, Dragoljub, et al. "Dynamic Analysis of Rockets Launcher." Tehnički vjesnik, vol. 28, br. 2, 2021, str. 530-539. Citirano 12.05.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Vujic*, Dragoljub, Vlado Djurkovic, Nikola Milenkovic i Slavisa Trajkovic. "Dynamic Analysis of Rockets Launcher." Tehnički vjesnik 28, br. 2 (2021): 530-539.
Vujic*, D., et al. (2021). 'Dynamic Analysis of Rockets Launcher', Tehnički vjesnik, 28(2), str. 530-539.
Vujic* D, Djurkovic V, Milenkovic N, Trajkovic S. Dynamic Analysis of Rockets Launcher. Tehnički vjesnik [Internet]. 2021 [pristupljeno 12.05.2021.];28(2):530-539.
D. Vujic*, V. Djurkovic, N. Milenkovic i S. Trajkovic, "Dynamic Analysis of Rockets Launcher", Tehnički vjesnik, vol.28, br. 2, str. 530-539, 2021. [Online].

This paper deals with dynamic analysis of rockets launcher on a moving vehicle. Mechanical model of a launch rail system with a rocket is represented as a set of solid bodies and deformable elements with a damped elastic support. These launch rail systems enable to fire rockets of different weights and geometric configurations. Unlike them, today´s multiple rocket launcher systems are located in containers. Movement of this type of mechanical system is described with three defined coordinates: movement of a rocket on a deformable ramp, curvature of the top of a deformable ramp and an angle of rotation of the ramp around its longitudinal axis. Mathematical model of the whole system, including rockets launcher and vehicle, represents a system of five nonlinear, nonhomogeneous differential equations of second order. This system is transformed to a system of 10 differential equations of the first order, suitable for numerical solving through the software package MATLAB. Rocket launcher designers can find the obtained simulation and experimental results, represented in a graphical form which is very useful during the development of a new and modification of existing constructions.

Ključne riječi
rocket launcher; launch pad; rocket; mathematical model; dynamic model

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