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On revisions of Šarić’s Bible translations

Ruben Knežević   ORCID icon ; Biblijsko društvo pri MCŽ, Rijeka

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APA 6th Edition
Knežević, R. (2007). On revisions of Šarić’s Bible translations. Kairos, 1 (1), 25-46. Preuzeto s
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Knežević, Ruben. "On revisions of Šarić’s Bible translations." Kairos, vol. 1, br. 1, 2007, str. 25-46. Citirano 24.10.2021.
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Knežević, Ruben. "On revisions of Šarić’s Bible translations." Kairos 1, br. 1 (2007): 25-46.
Knežević, R. (2007). 'On revisions of Šarić’s Bible translations', Kairos, 1(1), str. 25-46. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 24.10.2021.)
Knežević R. On revisions of Šarić’s Bible translations. Kairos [Internet]. 2007 [pristupljeno 24.10.2021.];1(1):25-46. Dostupno na:
R. Knežević, "On revisions of Šarić’s Bible translations", Kairos, vol.1, br. 1, str. 25-46, 2007. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 24.10.2021.]

On the occasion of the release of the new revision of Archibishop Ivan Šarić’s
Bible translation, in this paper the author analyses all former revisions of that
translation, comparing them with this newest revision published by Croatian
Bible Society.
After introductory notes, the first chapter analyses points of contact between
Šarić’s Bible translation and preferred Protestant translational choices. In the
second chapter all previous revisions of various Croatian translations of the
Bible are described. The third chapter outlines, from the historical and translation-
methodological aspects, all revisions of the Šarić’s Bible translation: from
that by Luka Brajnović (Madrid, 1959./60.), to those produced by “Caritas
Croata” (Salzburg, 1966. – 1969.) and Đuro Martinjak (1998.), up to the most
recent revision, prepared by Croatian Bible Society (2006.). In the fourth chapter,
the author analyses and compares various details in all revisions in relation
to the original Šarić’s translation of the Epistle of Jude (1942.). Šarić’s original
translation and all other revisions are placed parallel to the Greek critical text
of the New Testament, with the author’s comments below each verse.
The fifth chapter presents conclusions from the previous chapter. It is shown
that the most recent revision by Croatian Bible Society, in spite of some imperfections,
can be considered as the first thorough revision of Šarić’s Bible
translation – as all previous revisions have introduced only minor corrections
which were also of limited scope.

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