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Suvremena lingvistika, Vol.65 No.1 Srpanj 2008.

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Linguistic Borrowing and Purism in the Croatian Language

Marija Turk ; Filozofski fakultet u Rijeci
Maja Opašić ; Filozofski fakultet u Rijeci

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Turk, M., Opašić, M. (2008). Linguistic Borrowing and Purism in the Croatian Language. Suvremena lingvistika, 65(1), 73-88. Preuzeto s

In this paper we present a series of evident and latent as well as direct and indirect influences
of foreign languages on Croatian. We consider linguistic borrowing through the
prisms of purism in contemporary European languages and of implicit and explicit purism
in Croatian. We argue that Croatian linguistic purism is consonant with similar activities
taking place in other European languages, addressing the same issues according to the same
criteria, and that it has been a constant feature of the language, varying only in the degree
of intensity. Croatian, as a traditionally purist language, has not accepted foreign language models
passively, but has adapted loanwords according to its rules, at the same time activating its
expressive potential by creating calques as substitutes for foreign language models.

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linguistic borrowing; linguistic purism; Croatian

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