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Croatian War Veterans of the Benkovac Area in the Croatian War of Independence

Josip ČERINA ; Croatian Mine Action Centre – Regional Office Zadar, Zadar

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ČERINA, J. (2008). BRANITELJI BENKOVAČKOGA KRAJA U DOMOVINSKOM RATU. Društvena istraživanja, 17 (3 (95)), 415-435. Preuzeto s
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Based on the authentic testimonies of war commanders –
witnesses to war, and analytical content analysis of the
literature describing the war circumstances influencing events
in the Benkovac area, as well as by accessing available
archives, in this article the author traces the steps of the
territorial army units whose members during the Croatian
War of Independence were the Benkovac veterans. First they
gathered in the Independent Benkovac-Stankovac Batallion
affiliated with the 134th Brigade, and then due to the arrival
of the UN troups and the reconstitution of the Croatian Army
(HV) they transferred to the Independent Benkovac Home
Guard Batallion in mid 1992 which then affiliated with the
134th Home Guard Regiment when it was constituted. The
names of the units changed but it was mostly the same
population that left the occupied territory of the former
municipality of Benkovac. The defense positions where the
Benkovac veterans were stationed throughout most of the
war were on the south side of Ravni kotari (the area from
Pristeg to Stankovci). They also took part in the defense of
the Stankovac and Biograd areas and in the military
liberation operations Maslenica, Oluja and Maestral. The
most famous event the Benkovac veterans participated in
was the Oluja operation which brought them home.

Ključne riječi
Croatian War of Independence; war veterans; the Benkovac area; operation Oluja

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