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Radovi, 9 Rujan 2006.

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Juraj Medvedović ; Forest research Institute, Jastrebarsko
Janja Milković ; Državni hidrometeorološki zavod

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Medvedović, J., Milković, J. (2006). VREMENSKE PRILIKE U JASTREBARSKOM I OKOLICI U 2002., 2003. I 2004. GODINI. Radovi, ( 9), 353-367. Preuzeto s

For meteorology and other sciences, different human activities as well as for vegetation
it is important to know basic characteristics and conditions of weather and climate in some
places or areas. Based on long-term meteorological data series (period 1971 – 1990) from
the climatological station Jastrebarsko, and for the two most important meteorological elements
of weather and climate, temperature and precipitation, basic characteristics and conditions
of weather and climate in Jastrebarsko and its surroundings are determined and analysed.
Mean monthly and annual air temperature, absolute maximum and minimum temperature,
monthly and annual precipitation amount on monthly, seasonal and annual basis
were analysed. Deviations in relation to period 1971 – 1990 for temperature and coefficient
of variation for precipitation were calculated. For both meteorological elements percentile
were also calculated.
General climate characteristics are described according to the Köppen climate classification
which takes into account the main characteristics of mean annual air temperature
ranges and precipitation quantities. According to this classification in Jastrebarsko and its
surroundings there is Cfwbx" type of climate. Letter C indicates moderately warm rainy climate
where the mean temperature of the coldest month in the year is higher than –3°C, and
lower than 18°C. Next two letters indicate precipitation regime. Letters fw indicate that in
the annual course there is not explicitly dry period and that the minimum precipitation is
occurred in the cold part of the year. Next letter in the formula, letter b, indicates that the
mean temperatures of the warmest month is higher than 10°C, and lower than 22°C, and
that there are at least four one after another months with the mean monthly temperature
higher than 10°C. Last letter is precipitation letter (x") and it indicates that there are two
rainy periods, in early summer and autumn. In the areas with C type of climate there is forest,
but because of winter there is not tropical vegetation, and such areas are suitable for agriculture.
Sometimes is interesting to analyse weather conditions in some particular years in relation
to long term meteorological data series. In a previous published article such analyses
for the years 2000 and 2001 in relation to the period 1971 – 1990 were made. So, in this article
similar analyses for the years 2002, 2003 and 2004 were also made. Analyses on
monthly, seasonal and annual basis are made and they show that there are great variability
of weather conditions in Jastrebarsko and its surroundings. Assessments were made according
to modified Conrad-Chapman's method based on percentile. According to this method
there are following categories for air temperature: extremely warm, very warm, warm, normal,
cold, very cold and extremely cold. For precipitation there are following categories: extremely
wet, very wet, wet, normal, dry, very dry and extremely dry. On annual basis, and
according to air temperature, 2002 and 2003 were in categories extremely warm years and
2004 were in warm one. On the same basis and for precipitation amount 2002 and 2004
were very wet and 2003 was dry year.

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Jastrebarsko; weather conditions; characteristics of weather and climate; type of climate

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