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Collegium antropologicum, Vol.30 No.4 Prosinac 2006.

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A Veil (hijab) as a Public Symbol of a Muslim Woman Modern Identity

Tarik Kulenović

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Kulenović, T. (2006). A Veil (hijab) as a Public Symbol of a Muslim Woman Modern Identity. Collegium antropologicum, 30(4), 713-718. Preuzeto s

In this article the author explains the social role of Muslim woman in a postmodern society through a public symbol of
her identity – the veil. The article’s thesis is that the Muslim women’s manifestation of their Islamic denomination through
veiling and wearing appropriate clothes (in the case of men through growing beards and wearing clothes considered appropriate
for them) signifies an expression of a new, Islamic shaped identity. This is a postmodern identity based on modernity
rather than a fundamental reaction to modernity. The veil, a public symbol of Muslim identity, is often given a different
meaning by its observers than the person actually wearing it. Therefore, the intention of this article is to analyze the elements
of a particular, postmodern identity that a Muslim woman’s veil, as a public symbol, represents.

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Islam; woman; feminism; tradition; identity

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