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Original scientific paper

Fights for Kupres in April 1992.

Davor Marijan

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This paper represents an attempt to shed light on one of the first fights in the war for Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was the first serious strife between Croatian and Serbian army from Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is chiefly based on Yugoslav national army documents, or, the army of Rebublika Srpska. Croatian sources were not found. The fights were
caused by lack of political agreement on the future on Kupres. The conflict, which had been going on for a week, ended in absolute failure of Croatians and their banishing, and running away of Croatian and Muslim civil population from Kupres plateau. The
reason for this failure of Croatian army, besides bad leadership and commanding, was technical inferiority in comparison to Serbian army. Using the armored battalion of Kninís corps ended the fights. The Serbian part demonstrated in this conflict everything that would later be the characteristic of its battle actions, such as ethnic cleansing of non-Serbian population, destruction of housing and religious facilities etc. It demonstrated also the reasons for their success- superiority in resources and technology over the adversary.

Kupres; war in Bosnia-Herzegovina; operation; HVO; VRS; JNA

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