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Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, No.58 Prosinac 2008.

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Transfer of the relics of St. Paul the First Hermit in The Second Novi Breviary from 1495

Vesna Badurina-Stipčević

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Badurina-Stipčević, V. (2008). Translacija sv. Pavla Pustinjaka u hrvatskoglagoljskom II. Novljanskom brevijaru iz 1495. godine. Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (58), 285-312. Preuzeto s

St. Jerome’s Vita sancti Pauli primi eremitae belongs to the most popular hagiographic texts in the Christian antiquity and middle ages. The legend about the first Christian hermit was especially honored by Paulines, the European monastic order present in Croatia from the 13th century. This popular legend of the medieval Christian literatures can be also found in the medieval Croatian literature. The biography of the first Christian hermit was translated from Greek and Latin into Croatian Church Slavonic and may be found in five Croatian Glagolitic sources: The Academy Glagolitic Fragment 32b from the 15th century, Žgombić’s Miscellany from the 16th century, The Second Novi Breviary from 1495, Baromić’s Breviary from 1493 and Brozić’s Breviary from 1561. The Glagolitic Pauline Second Novi Breviary is the only one which has the text of the Transfer of the Relics
of St. Paul the Hermit, the Croatian Church Slavonic translation from the Latin text Translatio in Ungariam saec. XIV (BHL 6598). According to the Croatian Church Slavonic text the body of the Saint was at first transferred
in the middle of the 12th century from Egypt to Constantinople from where the Saint’s head was transferred to Rome and the body, after defeat of Constantinople in 1240, was transferred to St. Julian’s church in Venice. Finally the Hungarian king Louis I demanded that the relics of St. Paul be transferred to Hungary where The Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit was
founded. Therefore St. Paul’s relics were transferred in 1381 from Venice to Budapest first to the king’s chapel and later to the Pauline church in St. Laurence monastery. According to the Latin and Croatian texts Bishop Pavao of Zagreb was among the notables of the kingdom who accompanied the relics. It is Bishop Pavao Horvat who was the head of the Croatian-
Hungarian peace delegation in 1381, together with Valentine, the Bishop of Pecs, at the peace negotiations with Venetians in Turin. Beside the Latin transliteration there are also linquistic analises and facimiles of the The Second Novi Breviary.

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transfer of the relics of St. Paul the First Hermit; St. Jerome; Paulines; Croatian Glagolitic breviaries

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