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Exterior characteristics of Cres sheep

Vesna Pavić
Boro Mioč
Velimir Vušić
Zdravko Barać
Ivan Vnučec
Zvonimir Prpić
Zvonko Čokljat

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V. Pavić, et al., "Vanjština creske ovce", Stočarstvo, vol.60, br. 1, str. 3-11, 2006. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 25.01.2020.]

During the project which purpose is to determine genetic and exterior features of Croatian autochthonous sheep breeds, the exterior of Cres sheep was evaluated by a commission and certain body measurments. Thus, totally 350 heads of Cres sheep from 4 flocks were measured, including: 1) 63 ewe hoggets about 14 months old; 2) 66 young sheep between 2 and 3.5 years old; 3) 206 adult ewes older than 3.5 years; 4) 15 adult rams. Also, blood samples for genetic analysis were taken from forty animals which were not related. The mean height of withers of adult sheep was 60.62 cm, the length of the trunk 67.83 cm, the width of the chest was 17.75 cm, the depth of the chest 29.34, the circumference of the chest was 83.10 cm, the circumference of the of the leg was 7.93 cm and the body weight was 41.58 kg. It was determined that today's population of Cres sheep has larger trunk conformation and body weight in relation to earlier investigations (before 50 and more years). Ewe hoggets had 93.44% of adult sheep's height of withers, 94.33% of adult sheep's length of the trunk, 92.22% of adult sheep's width of the chest, 89.50% of adult sheep's depth of the chest, 92.19% of adult sheep's circumference of the chest, 97.09% of adult sheep's circumference of the leg and 78.86% of their terminal body weight. Regarding to body development, Cres sheep is similar to Lička pramenka and Dubrovnik sheep – Ruda, and partly to Pag sheep, but more developed than Krk sheep.

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Cres sheep; exterior; trunk conformation; body measurments

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