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Marija Kopal ; Faculty of Economics and Tourism, Pula
Nada Karaman ; Faculty of Economics, Rijeka
Ema Pauletić ; Uljanik, Pula

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APA 6th Edition
Kopal, M., Karaman, N. i Pauletić, E. (1993). GOSPODARSKA SLIKA I NAZNAKE GOSPODARSKOG RAZVITKA ISTRE. Društvena istraživanja, 2 (4-5 (6-7)), 723-746. Preuzeto s
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Kopal, Marija, et al. "GOSPODARSKA SLIKA I NAZNAKE GOSPODARSKOG RAZVITKA ISTRE." Društvena istraživanja, vol. 2, br. 4-5 (6-7), 1993, str. 723-746. Citirano 05.08.2021.
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Kopal, M., Karaman, N., i Pauletić, E. (1993). 'GOSPODARSKA SLIKA I NAZNAKE GOSPODARSKOG RAZVITKA ISTRE', Društvena istraživanja, 2(4-5 (6-7)), str. 723-746. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 05.08.2021.)
Kopal M, Karaman N, Pauletić E. GOSPODARSKA SLIKA I NAZNAKE GOSPODARSKOG RAZVITKA ISTRE. Društvena istraživanja [Internet]. 1993 [pristupljeno 05.08.2021.];2(4-5 (6-7)):723-746. Dostupno na:
M. Kopal, N. Karaman i E. Pauletić, "GOSPODARSKA SLIKA I NAZNAKE GOSPODARSKOG RAZVITKA ISTRE", Društvena istraživanja, vol.2, br. 4-5 (6-7), str. 723-746, 1993. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 05.08.2021.]

The regional economic structure accumulates discrepancies
throughout a longer period of time, which as a rule, makes the
removal of its consequences a longterm process as well. The
current economic picture of Istria has been formed as a result of
the generally existing processes of deagrarization, deindustrialization
and tertiarization. But not enough care has been
bestowed on compatible and complementary development of
different activities and fields resulting in negative consequences
for the development of each as well as causing disproportion in
the development of certain parts of Istria, this in turn meaning
insufficient utilization and evaluation of comparative advantages
of land, natural and other resources. In further development it is
necessary to intensity the production of existing propulsive
activities, but also to complete the currenteconomic structurewith
new ones which are based on results of the contemporary
technical-technological advancement and which have characteristics
of both middle and high technologies as a common
feature. Within this process it is compulsive to take into
consideration the pronounced diversitiesof different partsof Istria.

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