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The relationships between results on Benton tests and Coloured Progressive Matrices in Children

Slavka Galić

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The aim of the study was to examine relations between the results obtained on Benton tests of orientation and perceptive skills (Right-Left Orientation, Facial Recognition, Judgement of Line Orientation, Visual Form Discrimination, Tactile Form Perception, Finger Localization) and the results on Coloured Progressive Matrices. The tests were administered on a sample of 310 children of 7-11 years old. The results on Judgement of Line Orientation, Visual Form Discrimination and Tactile Form Perception showed statistically significant correlations with the results on Coloured Progressive Matrices within different age groups. Results of younger children (7-8 and 8- 9 years) on test Facial Recognition significantly correlated with Coloured Progressive Matrices. Results of Right-Left Orientation in older age groups correlated with Coloured Progressive Matrices which can be attributed to some characteristics of the development of right-left orientation. No significant correlation was found between results on the test Finger Localization and Coloured Progressive Matrices.

Ključne riječi
Benton Neuropsychological Laboratory; Coloured Progressive Matrices; intellectual development in children

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