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A study on the relations of gender, sex role and self-esteem with the accuracy of self-perception on masculine, feminine and neutral items

Irena Hip

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The aim of the study was to examine the relations of gender, sex role and self-esteem, with the expectancies and self-appraisals of performance on masculine, feminine and neutral tasks. According to the results, significantly higher expectancies as well as self-appraisals are found in males on all groups of items. Obtained differences mainly result from unjustified self-underestimation among females, whereas self-perceptions of males appear to be accurate, with the exception of feminine group of items where unjustified self-overestimation among males can be observed. Undifferentiated males considerably depart from males within other categories of sex roles and among them significantly lower expectancies and self-appraisals can be found in comparison with males in other categories of sex roles. As expected, persons with high self-esteem expect better performance and give significantly higher self-estimates of performance after completion of the task, when compared to persons with low self-esteem. Results of the regression analysis showed that self-appraisals of a person after the task are partly determined, beside actual performance, by his/her initial expectancies. This confirms the hypothesis on self-consistency or self-confirmation according to which people interpret their own achievements in accordance with their earlier self-image.

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Sex roles; self-esteem; self-perception

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