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Relationship of generativity and the other components of personality from Erikson' s model in young, middle and older adults

Katica Lacković-Grgin
Zvjezdan Penezić
Ivana Tucak

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This study examines age specificities in generativity in three samples of adult individuals as well as the nature of relationships between generativitiy and Erikson's components of personality which developed in the first six stages of development (trust, autonomy, initiative, industry, identity, and intimacy). These variables were assessed with Loyola Scale of Generativity, LGS (McAdams and de St. Aubin, 1992), and Erikson Scale, ES (Ochse and Plug, 1986). The subjects were: 97 young adults (aged 22 –27), 108 middle aged adults (aged 37 –50) and 86 older adults (aged 60- 70).

The results show that the age specificities of generativity are reflected in the variations of validity of items from the original Loyola Scale, which more or less agrees with some of the generativity contents in each age group. From the set of predictors (six Erikson components), the best predictor of generativity is productivity in all age groups. The outcomes of crises in the previous developmental stages are better predictors of generativity than identitiy and intimacy. Generativity is connected with most of the Erikson components in older adults, but with the least of these components in young adults. This finding confirms the theoretical assumption that personality integration grows with age.

Ključne riječi
Generativity; productivity; personality development; integrity; young, middle and older adulthood

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