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Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union

Vesna Kazazić ; Law Faculty, University of Mostar, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Integration and membership in the European Union is a strategic goal of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The reforms that are essential for qualifying Bosnia and Herzegovina for negotiations with the EU about the Treaty on stabilization and about accession are in progress. Within the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the public there has been an increased understanding for their implementation. All reform laws are adopted by legislative bodies within standard procedure, not a single law from the Priority program has been imposed. The Direction for European Integrations has an important coordination role in accession to the EU. The European commission of the EU has reviewed that in Bosnia and Herzegovina a signifi cant progress has been made in priority areas. After the devastating war, Bosnia and Herzegovina is on a good path to become a modern country with authorities and institutions that will enable and provide its membership in European integrations.

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