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Basic Principles of Team-work

Mijo Nikić ; Filozofski fakultet Družbe Isusove

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The basic principles of team work are elaborated in this article according to interdisciplinary approach. The obstacles and impediments team work is faced with are analysed in the article, together with the skills required for successful work of a team, motivation of its members, and the main characteristics of a successful team leader. The article also mentions the recommendations made by St. Peter the Apostle to the Church leaders, which can be applied to any leader of any team. The ideas exposed in this article should help us appreciate team work much more, and make us more aware of the dynamics and psychological processes present in every team work, all with the purpose of the realisation of one and only idea or goal – in this case preaching the Good News, or the Kingdom of God.

Ključne riječi
Team work; leader; decision making; motivation; successful work; communication; the Church leadership

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