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A Parish - European Experience

Rafko Valenčić ; Ljubljana

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R. Valenčić, "Župa - modeli europskoga iskustva", Diacovensia, vol.9, br. 1, str. 25-44, 2001. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 23.10.2021.]

The starting point of the debate is that a modern parish cannot, at many different levels, carry out the pastoral work without searching for pastoral renewal. First the so-called dysfunctions of a modern parish were presented, then the ways to search for its new face. Some see that new face in the renewal of the traditional parish, but that would fulfill a purpose only partially. A lot of effort has been put into the renewal which regards the micro and macrostructure of a parish, that is to say, a parish as the community of the communities (communitas communitatum), with respect to so-called pastoral unit (l' unita pastorale) in which a parish can find its both theological and social complement. Others, however, search for the renewal of a parish through its social and welfare dimension, most expected by the society and its institutions. In both cases a parish is supposed to deepen its own ecclesiastic nature to be able to understand correctly and to justify pastoral work which, in many diffirent spheres, affects the social life of people and their communities.

Ključne riječi
parish; crisis and renewal of a parish; new parish models; basic communities; parish as communitas communitatum; pastoral units; welfare and social objectives of a parish

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