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Interlaboratory tests and their implementation

Elinor Trogrlić
Andrea Strineka
Dalibor Sekulić

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APA 6th Edition
Trogrlić, E., Strineka, A. i Sekulić, D. (2009). Međulaboratorijska ispitivanja i njihova primjena. Građevinar, 61 (07.), 643-654. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Trogrlić, Elinor, et al. "Međulaboratorijska ispitivanja i njihova primjena." Građevinar, vol. 61, br. 07., 2009, str. 643-654. Citirano 28.09.2020.
Chicago 17th Edition
Trogrlić, Elinor, Andrea Strineka i Dalibor Sekulić. "Međulaboratorijska ispitivanja i njihova primjena." Građevinar 61, br. 07. (2009): 643-654.
Trogrlić, E., Strineka, A., i Sekulić, D. (2009). 'Međulaboratorijska ispitivanja i njihova primjena', Građevinar, 61(07.), str. 643-654. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 28.09.2020.)
Trogrlić E, Strineka A, Sekulić D. Međulaboratorijska ispitivanja i njihova primjena. Građevinar [Internet]. 2009 [pristupljeno 28.09.2020.];61(07.):643-654. Dostupno na:
E. Trogrlić, A. Strineka i D. Sekulić, "Međulaboratorijska ispitivanja i njihova primjena", Građevinar, vol.61, br. 07., str. 643-654, 2009. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 28.09.2020.]

The purpose of interlaboratory tests is described and the procedures for preparation, implementation, evaluation and reporting of results, are described. The statistical analysis of results, compliant with recognised standards and recommendations, is presented and backed by appropriate examples. The analysis of test results using the value range and mean value method, and the ANOVA method, is described. The paper is targeted at testing laboratories that wish to organize interlaboratory testing campaigns and/or participate in such testing.

Ključne riječi
laboratory; interlaboratory testing; preparation; implementation; reporting of results; test methods

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