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Is hunting in opposed to the protection of nature

Tomislav Krznar ; Veleučilište u Karlovcu
Josip Čulig ; Veleučilište u Karlovcu
Krunoslav Pintur ; Veleučilište u Karlovcu
Nina Popović ; Veleučilište u Karlovcu
Luka Štilinović ; Veleučilište u Karlovcu

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APA 6th Edition
Krznar, T., Čulig, J., Pintur, K., Popović, N. i Štilinović, L. (2006). Je li lovstvo u suprotnosti sa zaštitom prirode. Šumarski list, 130 (3-4), 125-129. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Krznar, Tomislav, et al. "Je li lovstvo u suprotnosti sa zaštitom prirode." Šumarski list, vol. 130, br. 3-4, 2006, str. 125-129. Citirano 22.01.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Krznar, Tomislav, Josip Čulig, Krunoslav Pintur, Nina Popović i Luka Štilinović. "Je li lovstvo u suprotnosti sa zaštitom prirode." Šumarski list 130, br. 3-4 (2006): 125-129.
Krznar, T., et al. (2006). 'Je li lovstvo u suprotnosti sa zaštitom prirode', Šumarski list, 130(3-4), str. 125-129. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 22.01.2021.)
Krznar T, Čulig J, Pintur K, Popović N, Štilinović L. Je li lovstvo u suprotnosti sa zaštitom prirode. Šumarski list [Internet]. 2006 [pristupljeno 22.01.2021.];130(3-4):125-129. Dostupno na:
T. Krznar, J. Čulig, K. Pintur, N. Popović i L. Štilinović, "Je li lovstvo u suprotnosti sa zaštitom prirode", Šumarski list, vol.130, br. 3-4, str. 125-129, 2006. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 22.01.2021.]

The authors of the article consider hunting is not as not opposed to the protection of nature. On the contrary, if correctly perceived and properly implemented, it can be a significant factor that contributes to its protection. In the article the authors are not trying to justify hunting comprehensively, but want to point at the inevitability of hunting as a relevant factor in the historical development of mankind, taking into consideration some of the criticism related to it. As already mentioned, the authors claim hunting as one of the major factors of human development, not only at the biological and evolutional levels, but also in its spiritual and cultural field. Nowadays one can say that the hunting is both a practical and a scientific discipline, because the object of its study is based on the biological knowledge of forestry, veterinary medicine, ecology and similar disciplines. It is well known that hunting, no matter what its motives were, has often been an instrument in the devastation of nature. The modern way of life enables man to take whatever the nature offers, without posing a threat upon his existence and the integrity of nature. The authors believe that man would thus not be engaged in any kind of biologically or ethically unaccepted activities. Modern hunting offers the way by which it would not be an instrument of devastation but an important element in the protection of nature.

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hunt; hunting; protection of nature; theory of hunting

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