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Studia ethnologica Croatica, Vol.21 No.1 Prosinac 2009.

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Living in Real. Some Consequences of Applying Theoretical Psychoanalysis on Construction of Object and Subject of Cultural Analysis

Tomislav Pletenac   ORCID icon ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, 10000 Zagreb, Ivana Lucica 3, Croatia

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Pletenac, T. (2009). Živjeti u realnom. Neke posljedice primjene teorijske psihoanalize na konstrukciju objekta i subjekta kulturne analitike. Studia ethnologica Croatica, 21(1), 199-217. Preuzeto s

Most of local ethnologies in Eastern Europe facing problem of duality of their theoretical and methodological approach. This duality was differently analyzed through history of discipline, sometimes as difference between ethnology and cultural anthropology, sometimes even as two different disciplines. On the other hand reasons for duality was more or less neglected. Through employment of theoretical psychoanalysis of Jaques Lacan and Slavoj Žižek some new possibilities for understanding ethnological discursive duality can appear. It is highly visible if ethnology is get through lacanian graph of desire. In addition local position of producing scientific knowledge can also expanded the significance of psychoanalytic theory.

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psychoanalytic theory; postsocialist anthropology; local ethnology

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