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Superiors of the Teological Seminary in Đakovo

Anto Pavlović ; Diocese of Diacovo and Srijem

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On the occasion of the 200th anniversary (1806-2006) of the Seminary this article provides a chronological list of the superiors according to their offices and the period in which they were in charge of them, starting with the foundation of the Theological Seminary and proceeding up to our days. The first superior of the Seminary is a rector. 36 priests fulfilled the duty of a rector, mainly members of the Cathedral Body of Canons. One person was a vice-rector and a steward (sometimes even a spiritual counsellor) for a long time, until the services were split. Since the foundation of the Seminary 37 priests have been in charge as vice-rectors. A spiritual guide is in charge of the spiritual life in the Seminary and the formation of priest candidates. Up to now 45 priests have fulfilled this duty. A prefect’s duty is to take care of discipline of students and to make sure they study after their classes. 33 priests have taken this responsibility in the course of time. Each and every name on the list represents a specific life and performance. Many priests were professors at the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology in Đakovo, where as others were in charge of some other services in the diocese. For two centuries future parish priests, catechists and professors have been educated at the Theological Seminary. It can therefore be said that these members of the presbytery of Đakovo and Srijem have considerably contributed to the Church life of the region.

Theological Seminary in Đakovo; superiors; educators; rector; vicerector; spiritual guide; steward; prefect

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