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Collegium antropologicum, Vol.28 No.1 Lipanj 2004.

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Animal Resources and Subsistence Strategies

Francesca Alhaique
Michelangelo Bisconti
Elisabetta Castiglioni
Cristina Cilli
Leone Fasani
Giacomo Giacobini
Renata Grifoni
Antonio Guerreschi
Andrea Iacopini
Giancarla Malerba
Carlo Peretto
Alexandra Recchi
Antonio Rocci Ris
Annamaria Ronchitelli
Mauro Rottoli
Ursula ThunHohenstein
Carlo Tozz
Paola Visentini
Barbara Wilkens

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Alhaique, F., Bisconti, M., Castiglioni, E., Cilli, C., Fasani, L., Giacobini, G., Grifoni, R., Guerreschi, A., Iacopini, A., Malerba, G., Peretto, C., Recchi, A., Ris, A.R., Ronchitelli, A., Rottoli, M., ThunHohenstein, U., Tozz, C., Visentini, P., Wilkens, B. (2004). Animal Resources and Subsistence Strategies. Collegium antropologicum, 28(1), 23-40. Preuzeto s

Several faunal assemblages excavated in deposits of different antiquity (from Lower Paleolithic to Bronze Age), located in Northern, Central and Southern Italy, were studied from the archeozoological and taphonomic point of view. Data obtained by different Authors allow reconstruction of subsistence strategies adopted by prehistoric humans in these areas and through time, in particular as far as the exploitation of animal resources is concerned. The following assemblages were considered: Isernia La Pineta (Molise; Lower Paleolithic), Grotta Breuil (Latium; Middle Paleolithic), Grotta della Ghiacciaia (Verona; Middle Paleolithic), Riparo di Fumane and Riparo Tagliente (Verona; Middle and Upper Paleolithic), Riparo Mochi (Liguria; Upper Paleolithic), Grotta della Continenza (L’Aquila; Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic), Grotta dell’Edera (Trieste; Mesolithic and Neolithic), Grotta della Cala at Marina di Camerota (Salerno; Eneolithic), Contraguda (Sassari; Neolithic), Castellaro Lagusello (Mantova; Bronze Age). Exploitation of the vegetal resources has been analyzed in the Neolithic sites of Colle Santo Stefano (Fucino), Settefonti (L’Aquila) and Catignano (Pescara).

Ključne riječi
archeozoology; subsistence strategies; taphonomy; Italy

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