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Ivo Vojnović in Križevci

ZORAN GRIJAK ; Hrvatski institut za povijest, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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By exploring literature and archivalia the author has studied the activities of Croatian dra- matist Ivo Vojnović who lived in Križevci from
1884 - 1889. Upon graduating from Faculty of Law and working as a trainee in Varaždin, Ivo Vojnović was sent to the District Court in Križevci upon direct order from Ban Khuen Hedervary. The ban wanted in this way to get even with Ivo’s father Kosta Vojnović, the leader of the oppos- ing Independent National Party. In the beginning the paper briefly describes the origin, education and literary work until his arrival in Križevci, his life after leaving Križevci and his death in
1929. The second part analyzes Vojnović’s stay in Križevci, group of people he was close with and relationships he had in public and cultural fields of the time. In his diary Ivo Vojnović recognized
a strong influence this Križevci period had on his later life. His sojourn here, although he was trying from his very arrival to leave, proved to be very fertile in literary sense- he wrote his first drama text Psyche, while priv ć ately he made friends with many that had a great impact on his life.

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Ivo Vojnović; Križevci; Psyche

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