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Library of the Križevci bishopric in the 19th century

SUZANA KNEŽEVIĆ ; Srednja gospodarska škola Križevci; Križevci, Hrvatska

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Greek-Catholic bishopric houses a rich li- brary almost 400 years old. Its treasure has been collected by the bishops and priests. Apart from sacral and theological books there can be found works from other sciences written in different languages and printed in many European centres.

The collection consists of 10.667 works in 9.858 volumes of which 3 are from the 15th century (incunabula), 68 from the 16th century, 325 from
17th century, 3.996 from 18th century and the rest from 19th and 20th centuries. There is also a valu- able collection of 60 manuscripts and assortment of periodicals and small printing materials.

The history of the library can be read from the history of the very bishopric which since its establishment in 1611 changed its location a few times. Both the library and the bishopric moved from Marča to Pribić, Preseka, Gornji Tkalec to finally settle down in Križevci in 1801.
In the 19th century the bishops were mainly concerned with the cathedral and residence recon- struction to meet the needs of Greek-Catholics, but they simultaneously planned the library space. First and up to now the only known catalogue dates from 1856 and lists 2519 works in1971 vol- umes.

The 20th century saw 3 great restaurations: during the two world wars and the final one started in 1999. Since 2007 the library has been opened to public, it organizes expositions folllowed by fine printed catalogues. Its restauration should be continued.

Križevci; Križevci bishopr ic; Greek- Catholic bishopric; history; 19th century

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