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Students’ project: Križevci in the mid 19-century

MARIJA MILAS ; Gimnazija Ivana Zakmardija Dijankovečkoga Križevci, Križevci, Hrvatska

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High school third-grade students participated in project ‘K riževci in the mid 19th century’ which was part of their syllabus. They carried out investigations in town library, talked to town officials, used the Internet, gathered information from tourist bureaus, land-registry etc.
The project proved to have several advantages in educating students: they became more indepen- dent, selfconfident, better at speaking in public. The whole class of 30 students was included in the work.
Unfortunately, the programme of the Croatian language as mother tongue in high school cannot offer, due to its extensiveness, such form of acquir- ing knowledge although it motivates students, en- ables them to develop creativity, scientific curiosity and the will to learn more.

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students; high school; project; maps; town; Illyrian; music; schooling; library; magazines; periodicals; literature

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