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Monkhood of the future

Špiro Marasović ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Split

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Actuated by reflections of E. Schillebeeckx about the future of monkhood, published in the last issue of Crkva u svijetu, the author brings out his different opinion about the same problem. Considering, namely, that Schillebeeckx pays more attention to socio-historical context, in those reflections, than to the essence of the monastic vocation and mission, the author strives to see the future in the first place as ecclesiastical but not profane category. Because only in that context it is possible to reflect also about the future of the monkhood, respectively - monkhood of the future.
Starting from these standpoints, the author considers that in the
religious life there are constants which are indipendent of socio-cultural context, and, as such they should be normative for the future. That context, namely, changes but they according to definition, must always remain the same. These constants of the religious life are: kenosis and agape, as the logos of the religious life, whose basic characteristics are: Christcentrism, personality, radicalism, the concrete living and also kenosis through all
three classic votvs in such a way that it challenges ivonder, and communio in function and with effect of prophetic sign. From these constants, and, naturally in conclusion with socio-cultural environs, the entire monastic activity, by principle agere seauitur esse, follows also in the future, and also that on social plan.

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