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Studia ethnologica Croatica, Vol.7/8 No.1 Ožujak 1999.

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Paranormal Phenomena among the South Slavs: A Cultural Interpretation

Iveta Todorova-Pirgova ; Institute of Folklore BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Todorova-Pirgova, I. (1996). Paranormal Phenomena among the South Slavs: A Cultural Interpretation. Studia ethnologica Croatica, 7/8(1), 267-280. Preuzeto s

This article comments on the different concepts of the "other" reality, its images, and their secondary verbal interpretations. Having in mind the historical changes in content of the concepts of the "other" reality, I consider its peculiar adaptation in contemporary cultural processes. Comparing these concepts with those inherent in the traditional culture, I study the continuation of a certain semantic line in today's modeling of the meanings of the "other" reality. Regardless of whether we find a transformation of mythological images, historical events or works of art, the concept of the "other" world becomes a part of contemporary cultural ideology. Stories about contact with the "other" world connect the actualized old with newly-formed concepts and images in order to outline a full picture of the world and to unite its elements in a specific integral entity.

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paranormal phenomena; South Slavs; cultural interpretation; oral history

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