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Journal of computing and information technology,Vol. 22 No. LISS 2013
Publication date: November 2014

Published on HRČAK: 10 November 2014
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Guest Editorial (str.I-II) englishPDF 64 KB
Shifeng Liu, Mincong Tang
Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Multiple Features (str.1-10) englishPDF 931 KB
Chi Zhang, Lei Huang
Original scientific paper
Research on Cluster Analysis Method of E-government Public Hotspot Information Based on Web Log Analysis (str.11-19) englishPDF 276 KB
Suozhu Wang, Jianlin Zhang, Fuze Yang, Jia Ye
Original scientific paper
The Dark Web: Cyber-Security Intelligence Gathering Opportunities, Risks and Rewards (str.21-30) englishPDF 230 KB
Gregory Epiphaniou, Tim French, Carsten Maple
Original scientific paper
Soft Time Windows Associated Vehicles Routing Problems of Logistics Distribution Center Using Genetic Simulated Annealing Algorithm (str.31-39) englishPDF 191 KB
Yuguang Wei, Luelue Zhou
Original scientific paper
A Semiotic Analysis of If we are holding hands, whose hand am I holding? (str.41-52) englishPDF 311 KB
Martin Wheatman
Original scientific paper
Research on Construction and Application of Individual Knowledge Management Maturity Evaluation Model (str.53-61) englishPDF 174 KB
Dan Chang, Xiaoying Han, Baowei Chen
Original scientific paper
Design of a Unified Data with Business Rules Storage Model for OLTP and OLAP Systems (str.63-73) englishPDF 189 KB
Stephen Opoku-Anokye, Yinshan Tang
Original scientific paper
Framework Design of Emergency Management Information System for Cloud Computing in Chemical Park (str.75-83) englishPDF 228 KB
Jinfeng Zhang, Xin Zhao, Xin Liu, Limin Hou
Original scientific paper
Author Index (str.85-86) englishpdf 77 KB
Subject Index (str.87-88) englishpdf 50 KB
List of Referees (str.89-90) englishpdf 49 KB
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