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Publication date: January 2016

Published on HRČAK: 20 January 2016
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Contents (str.1-2) englishpdf 106 KB
Vorwort: Jenseits – Örtliche, zeitliche und gedankliche Überschreitungen in Theologie, Philosophie und Kulturwissenschaften (str.3-6) germanpdf 80 KB
Theresi Heimerl, Franjo Vidović
The eschatological withdrawing place. About a substantivized preposition (str.7-14)  
Der eschatologische sich entziehende Ort. Über eine substantivierte Präposition (str.7-14) germanpdf 146 KB
Mattia Coser
Original scientific paper
On what we may want, when we say that we don’t want to die. Some philosophical reflections on the rationality of “dying off” and “living on” (str.15-26) englishpdf 107 KB
Peter Gaitsch
Original scientific paper
Beyond in Heidegger's Fourfold (str.27-42) englishpdf 196 KB
Saša Horvat
Original scientific paper
„God is the beyond in the midst of our lives“ (Dietrich Bonhoeffer). Considering Absentheism (str.43-52) englishpdf 189 KB
Münchow Thies
Original scientific paper
Dennett's Design Space as secular form of transcendence (str.53-60) englishpdf 90 KB
Bruno Petrušić
Original scientific paper
Beyond religious neurosis. Semyon Franks thoughts about madness (str.61-72)  
Jenseits Religiöser Neurose. Simon Franks Gedanken zur Wahnproblematik (str.61-72) germanpdf 193 KB
Rifel Tadej
Original scientific paper
The Returned and the Departed. The living and the dead in the TV series The Leftovers and Les Revenants (str.73-80) englishpdf 90 KB
Franzoni Andrea
Original scientific paper
Game Over... and then? The Representation of Death and the Afterlife in Videogames (str.81-88) englishpdf 88 KB
Kevin Recher
Original scientific paper
The Dead Vampire: Ideas of afterlife within the vampire subculture (str.89-104)  
Der tote Vampir: Die Jenseitsvorstellungen der Vampyrsubkultur (str.89-104) germanpdf 223 KB
Matthias Christian Steiner
Original scientific paper
Beyond Sanity. Women in 19th Century Spiritualism Between Pathologization and Liberation (str.105-118) englishpdf 171 KB
Kathrin Trattner
Original scientific paper
“… have (no) rest” “Beyond” as region de passage and place of eternity in popular piety and sacral traditions in Southern Carinthia (str.119-130)  
„… (keine) Ruhe haben …“ „Jenseits“ als region de passage und Ort der Ewigkeit in Volksglauben, Volkssage und Volksbrauchtum Südkärntens (str.119-130) germanpdf 181 KB
Peter Wiesflecker
Original scientific paper
Beyond Self-Evidence. Contemporary Cities as Loci Theologici (str.131-148)  
Jenseits kirchlicher Selberverständlichkeit. Großstädte als Orte der Theologie (str.131-148) germanpdf 143 KB
Gerrit Spallek
Original scientific paper
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