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Journal of computing and information technology,Vol. 24 No. 1
Publication date: March 2016

Published on HRČAK: 05 April 2016
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Editorial (str.I-II) englishpdf 116 KB
Vlado Glavinić
Inductive Data Types Based on Fibrations Theory in Programming (str.1-16) englishpdf 687 KB
Decheng Miao, Jianqing Xi, Yubin Guo, Deyou Tang
Original scientific paper
The Monotonic Cost Allocation Rule in Steiner Tree Network Games (str.17-29) englishpdf 271 KB
Darko Skorin-Kapov
Original scientific paper
Administrator and Fidelity Based Secure Routing (AFSR) Protocol in MANET (str.31-43) englishpdf 1 MB
Rohit Singh, Himadri Nath Saha, Debika Bhattacharyya, Pranab Kumar Banerjee
Original scientific paper
Improving the Reliability of Decision-Support Systems for Nuclear Emergency Management by Leveraging Software Design Diversity (str.45-63) englishpdf 1 MB
Tudor B. Ionescu, Walter Scheuermann
Original scientific paper
Knowledge-based Systems and Interestingness Measures: Analysis with Clinical Datasets (str.65-78) englishpdf 414 KB
Jabez J. Christopher, Khanna H. Nehemiah, Kannan Arputharaj
Original scientific paper
Application of Clustering Algorithm CLOPE to the Query Grouping Problem in the Field of Materialized View Maintenance (str.79-89) englishpdf 682 KB
Kateryna Novokhatska, Oleksii Kungurtsev
Original scientific paper
AmAMorph: Finite State Morphological Analyzer for Amazighe (str.91-110) englishpdf 1 MB
Fatima Zahra Nejme, Siham Boulaknadel, Driss Aboutajdine
Original scientific paper
Impressum englishpdf 74 KB
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